Welcome to the Epic Minecraft donation site. Donate to instantly receive special powers on the Epic Minecraft server.

Donate for in-game ranks to support the server OR play Epic Challenges in-game for your chance to win server ranks, disguises & fun abilities.

Note: Every player has access to the entire server regardless of rank. Ranks simply offer additional cool & fun added cosmetic features such as fun disguises and special chat functions :) All of these additional features can also be won for free by participating & winning in Epic Challenges. Good luck and have fun.

SERVER IP:  epic-mc.com

Server attractions include:

- 300 player slots with zero lag
- 25+ Mini-game worlds
- World's Best Hunger Games
- Friendly & helpful player community
- An owner that cares about each and every player
- No grief - The easiest grief protection (simply place 1 special block)
- Daily Epic Challenges for prizes
- Multiple Hunger Games worlds
- PVP arenas
- Mob arenas
- Spleef arenas
- Parkour courses
- Amusement Park & Waterpark
- Bowling Alley
- Multi-game Casino
- Nether & The End worlds
- Top notch creative builds everywhere you look
- Free lots at spawn for everyone to show off their creativity
- and much much more...

Thank you for supporting the server.
Spaartan :)

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